15 best Chrome extensions for improving your productivity

    15 best Chrome extensions for improving your productivity


    With the Chrome extension, you can take your browser to another level of usefulness.

    Chrome extensions are a great way to add new features and applications that expand your web browser. With over 2 million available, there is an extension for just about any need you can think of!

    With the Google Dictionary and translated extension, you can easily translate web pages from foreign languages.

    These 15 extensions will help you be more productive in Chrome.

    Chrome is a fast, efficient browser with many built-in features. But it’s also capable of more when coupled together through extensions in the Chrome Web Store! Here are 15 awesome ones that will enhance your productivity whether you use them for work or hobbies – maybe even some creative pursuits too?

    Loom Chrome extensions

    Loom allows you to record a screencast of any tab or window or the entire desktop.

    You can record a screencast with Loom in just one click. The best feature is the talking-head video it produces, which includes audio narration and an optional webcam capture to make your experience more professional looking for those who need it! You’ll appear as a small round window so that viewers know they’re seeing everything happening on their computer or phone while you speak over the top of whatever application(s) were being used at the time point of recording.

    TinEye Chrome extensions

    With the TinEye extension, you can easily find where an image has been used online and even get backlinks for your own site. Just drag any picture from another website onto their page to see all of those sites that contain it!

    FoxClocks Chrome extensions

    Put all the time zones important to you on screen all the time with FoxClocks

    When working with team members, partners or clients around the country it’s important to know what time zone they are in. FoxClocks lets you build a list of cities and displays their local times right on your browser bar at the top or bottom! There is also an extension button that can be enabled so when clicking this icon appears; click through allowing access for more information such as date/day (if available).

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    Todoist Chrome extensions

    Todoist is a beloved organizational tool that syncs your tasks and activities across all of the devices you use. The extension puts everything in one place, so there’s no need to open another window or app for what needs attention today! You can also add new items right from this menu while checking on teams who use Todolists too – making it easier than ever before with everyone working together as partners against deadlines

    It doesn’t matter how busy life gets; if we’re organized then things will go more smoothly.

    Email Finder

    When you’re looking for business contacts on LinkedIn, The Email Finder makes it easy to find email addresses for business contacts. You can scrape any search or page, and the data is automatically stored in GetProspect’s cloud-based list management system with a wide variety of features that will help you grow your customer base!

    Bitwarden Chrome extensions

    Bitwarden is a free password manager with an excellent browser extension.

    The future is now, and it’s time to make use of Bitwarden. This free password manager will keep your account details safe from hackers while also making sure you can access all those secure documents on any website with just one click!

    Save to Pocket Chrome extensions

    The Pocket extension for Chrome and Firefox makes it super easy to earmark websites you want without having the trouble of remembering where exactly that address was found. The app allows users on mobile devices as well, giving them access to their favourite browser whether at home.

    Print Friendly & PDF Chrome extensions

    Use the Print Friendly & PDF extension to strip out all the ads from a webpage


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    This extension is great for cutting out all the extra stuff on a webpage that you don’t want or need. Simply navigate to your desired page, select Print Friendly & PDF strips away everything including ads navigation controls and more so it’s easier than ever before just like turning text into images in Illustrator! You’ll be amazed at how compact many web pages will seem once this stripped-down version loads up – try clicking through some examples today if possible because I think YOU might enjoy seeing what free space can do!  It removes unnecessary elements from a webpage that you want to print, share via email, or save as a PDF.

    Papier Chrome extensions


    If you’re looking for a simple way to take notes, then look no further than Papier. Just open up Chrome and create an empty tab – it’ll be turned into your own personal notepad! Add headings; use bullet lists if necessary (and why wouldn’t they work?). The best part? All of this information is saved automatically in Google so there’s never any need sign-up or authenticate yourself anywhere.

    Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extensions

    Get a single screenshot of any page, no matter how long it is.

    When you need to capture the entire webpage with one long screenshot, Full Page Screen Capture makes it easy. After capturing an entire page in a single image (and saving it as PNG or PDF), edit your captured content by adding lines and arrows for more clarity!

    Checker Plus for Gmail Chrome extensions

    Checker Plus for Gmail is a versatile and easy way to access your inbox from anywhere. The extension displays all the emails in one place, giving you immediate control over what’s happening with them as well as an easy way to switch between accounts without having to open multiple tabs or windows of Gmail.

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    Google Translate Chrome extensions

    Google Translate can display any webpage in English.


    When you need to translate a foreign language text, there are many ways of doing so. However, one easy and straightforward method is using the Google Translate extension on your browser which allows for automatic translation without having to speak or specify any other languages than those being used in the conversation!

    Grammarly Chrome extensions

    If you’re looking for an easy way to make your writing more accurate, then the Grammarly extension is what you need. This browser-based tool can help improve grammar and spelling in any website including social media sites like Twitter or LinkedIn! It’s completely free unless the premium paid version offers advanced editing features too but it still comes with an excellent standard spell checker which will save time while correcting errors – all without having someone else review over anything again (unless they want)!

    Google Dictionary Chrome extensions

    Need to brush up on your vocabulary? Google’s Dictionary tool is like having an English-to Spanish speaking machine right at hand. Double click any word and it will open up with a definition, audio pronunciation of the term as well other relevant info such as example sentences or phrases that use this particular word!

    Zoom Scheduler Chrome extensions

    The Zoom Scheduler is an easy way to start or schedule meetings in Google Calendar without having to switch back and forth between the two apps. Saving yourself the time of having to navigate between and organize two apps.

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