7 Ways to Restart Android without Power Button

    7 Ways to Restart Android without Power Button

    The following instructions will show you how to restart your Android mobile phone when it’s not responding or has a broken power button. This usually happens because of an issue with the battery, but there are multiple methods available for both turned-off phones as well as those that need juice in order to get them back up and running again!


    If you’re not planning on getting your power button fixed any time soon, here are the methods that will help with daily use. These tricks can be used when all else fails and provide an alternative way of restarting or waking up Android mobile devices without relying upon just hitting the physical switch!

    We can divide the situation into two types- one when the Android device is turned off and you need to switch it on, and the other where the Android device is turned on, it is in the state of sleep, and you have to wake it up from sleep for using the device.

    For both situations, there are methods available. Check them out here.

    How to Restart Android Mobile without Power Button?

    If the Android mobile is turned off, there are four methods available to turn it on (restart it) without the power button. Don’t worry, we’ve got all your bases covered! You can use any of these according to what feels most comfortable:

    1. Plug in the Charger & Press the Volume Down Button

    The first thing you can do if your Android mobile’s power button isn’t working is plugged it in and hold down the volume button until the device turns on. This works for most phones, but there are some exceptions.

    Also, if you have mistaken the power button to be the culprit but actually the battery is drained out, this method will clear the air. Make sure the device has enough power to turn on.

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    If the mobile doesn’t turn on with this, try plugging it into your pc and holding down the volume button.

    2. Restart the device from Boot Menu

    The Boot Menu is a very important tool in the arsenal of any Android user. This menu can be used to factory reset your device or clear its cache. You can also use the Boot Menu to restart an Android mobile

    The Boot Menu is a hidden option that can be accessed by pressing and holding both the Volume buttons or the Power/Home button. There are different key combinations for each device, so make sure you check yours in your user manual or on an official website!

    Once you are in the Boot Menu, navigate to “Reboot System Now” using the volume up and down buttons. After that press the home button on your device once it boots into Recovery Mode or Factory Reset Options if needed then select the reboot system option from there.

    3. Remove Battery Trick for Old Mobiles

    This method only works for Android mobiles that come with a removable battery. Follow these steps carefully to use it:

    • When the device is turned on, plug in the charger, and make sure the device is charged at least 60%.
    • Now open the back panel, remove the battery from the pin, and hold it inside in the manner shown in the picture below:

    • This is to make sure you quickly put back the battery in.
    • Next, disconnect the charger cable and plug the battery back in at the exact same time

    Done. You’ll see that your Android mobile is turning on, and it will be a lot easier to get going if you have an older phone like Samsung or Motorola devices!

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    4. Schedule Power On & Off

    The “Schedule Power ON/OFF” feature allows you to set your device when the power button is not working so that it turns on automatically at a specific point in time, and then shut off after the designated duration.

    Here’s how you can set up your device so that it never runs out of power. First, go to settings, find the “Schedule Power On/Off” feature and enable it. After that, set the time for the device to turn on and off. That’s it. Now just make sure that your device never runs out of power.

    Ways to Wake up Android Mobile without Power Button

    The three methods for waking up an Android phone when the power button doesn’t work include: making sure it never runs out of battery and switches off while you are using these.

    1. Make someone Call you

    When the device is in the sleep state, make someone call you. If they do and the screen lights up upon ringing you can use the device easily – without having to press the power button.

    However, this method isn’t accessible for regular use. You’ll have to set up another method from the ones available below.

    2. Double-Tap to Wake Up & Sleep

    Most Android smartphones these days come with the feature to wake it up by double-tapping on the screen. The double-tap feature to wake up your Android phone is an awesome feature that many people love. You can also put them in sleep mode with this gesture, so give it a try!

    If it is disabled, you can easily enable it by following these steps:

    • Go to Settings.
    • Tap on Advanced Features.
    • Find and tap on Motions and Gestures.
    • Here, enable the “Double Tap to Turn on Sleep” & “Double tap to turn off screen” features.
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    The process to enable the feature may vary depending on your device. You’ll be able to find it out easily though, and after enabling this new option you can double-tap anywhere on any part of its screen for waking up your android device.

    3. Use an App to Wake up Android Mobile

    You can use an app to wake up or make your device sleep. There are multiple apps available for this function in the Google Play Store.

    Gravity Screen: This app uses sensors to detect when you pick up the phone and then it switches on your screen. When put back down, the device will turn off!

    Assistive Touch With this app you can add the power button on your screen with its “layouts” feature. You will have to grant permissions for accessibility in order use it

    Power button to Volume Button: The cleverly designed app allows the user to reassign functions of their power button so it instead becomes a volume control. Now, you can use this new feature for accessing features from your old power switch!

    Proximity Actions: With this app, you can trigger an action by proximity. You may turn on the screen of your device using it after selecting settings in-app and setting up triggers for when things happen around me!

    The following are some of the best ways to restart your Android mobile without needing a power button.

    Still, I’d recommend that you quickly go to a certified repair center or service center and get the power button fixed.

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