How to Combine PDF Files Easily?

    How to Combine PDF Files Easily?

    Merging similar PDFs into one can save you time and hassle. It’s a good practice to make sure the accounting team doesn’t have too many files on hand because then it becomes just another task for them that might get misplaced or forgotten about in their already jam-packed workdays!


    For the past few years, more and more of us are going paperless. It’s a great way to save time as well as trees from getting cut down in our generation’s quest for prosperity! But what happens when you need information that was printed out on paper – like an annual report or some other important document? Well, don’t worry because there are always ways around this tricky problem with PDF files (portable documents format). In today’s article, I will show How To Combine Different Pagelements Within One File Without Incurring Fragmentation Costs

    How to Combine PDF Files on your PC?

    There are multiple methods to combine PDFs in a single file. For college students, you might want the same subject combined into one document instead of having different files for each lesson on your course load! Here’s how you can do so.

    1. Combine PDF files using PDFsam

    When you need to merge PDF files on PC, it can be frustrating that there isn’t a Mac version of the preview software. The process is much easier with one though!
    A user may wish they had access because oftentimes this type of document just doesn’t show up well through Edge browser windows or other browsing platforms such as Safari where things look pixelated at best – but luckily for us, we do have some alternatives available if our goal involves viewing rather than editing existing documents…
    To combine or handle PDF files, you’ll need a third-party tool that’s available for free but with limitations. One such software is called “PDFsam”. Follow these steps below on how to use it in order to make your life easier!
    • Download the software from your browser.WWW.PDFSAM.ORG
    • Install the application after downloading.

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    Open the installed app, and you’ll see various options in the list like merge, split, extract, etc.

    • Tap on merge PDFs from the available options.
    • Drag all your PDFs into the software and click on merge.

    • Wait for some time and all your PDFs will be merged into one.

    2. Combine PDF files online

    The free online tool from Adobe allows you to merge your PDFs with an easy-to-use interface. You don’t need to sign in the first time, and once completed may just download the merged file for future uses!
    To make sure that you can access your account again, sign in with a Google or Facebook account. If this is not possible then create an email address and password for future use!

    • Go to Adobe’s free online tool to merge files.
    • After opening that link, you’ll have to select all the PDFs that you want to merge.
    • You can also drag all the files to the requisite

    • After selecting all the files, click on merge files.
    • After being merged, you can easily download the file and rename it as you want.

    These 2 methods are the most common ways to combine PDF files. If you regularly merge PDFs, you can download the app. If you rarely do so, just use the online method.

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