How to Download Private Facebook Videos Easily


    Are you searching for ways to download private Facebook videos? Look no further than the online video downloaders on this list.

    How to Download Private Facebook Videos

    Want to download videos from Facebook? There are plenty of sites where you can find this content, and it’s also available directly on your profile page without using any third-party tools.
    Private Facebook videos are a different proposition. Because they’re private, public downloaders won’t work for this type of content
    We understand that it is possible—there are just a few more steps you need to work through before making the copy.
    Wondering how to download private Facebook videos? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’ll introduce you to a few of the best tools for downloading and saving those sensitive moments on social media with ease.

    1. Download Facebook Videos


    Available on: Chrome Extentions

    • If you want to download Facebook videos without the pesky web apps, try downloading them directly from your browser using this Download Facebook Videos extension.
      When you’re watching a video on Facebook, the app reads source code for and offers to download it.
    • There are many secret groups on Facebook where you can find videos that most people won’t know about. You’ll have to download them from these hidden profiles, which might be against the site’s rules but it is worth doing in order for your viewing experience with this app!

    2. FBDownloader

    Available on: Web

    • There are a few other services on the web that offer free downloads for private Facebook videos.
    • If you don’t like using FBDown, here’s some worth checking out!
    • With FBDownloader, you can quickly and easily download videos from Facebook. Just copy the video page source code into your computer’s browser window while logged in to access this feature; it will be done in less than one minute!
    • When the processing is complete, right-click on its thumbnail and select Save As. Give it a name to keep track of what you’re doing with this video!
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    3. Vidsaver

    Available on: Web

    • One of the sites that lets you download private Facebook videos is Vidsaver. It’s similar to all those we’ve discussed so far!
    • The process is simple. Grab the video’s source code by pressing Ctrl + U on Windows or Command + Option + U in a Mac browser, then paste it into our web app and hit fetch!
    • Vidsaver has a download tool for public Facebook videos that allows you to take advantage of their site. The other interface is accessed by clicking on “Public Video” at the bottom, which jumps into this section with all available options and settings!

    4. oDownloader

    Available on: Web, Windows

    • This site is a copy and paste from the original page. It works on the same principle, so you can easily download it to your computer or phone!
    • oDownloader is a powerful tool for downloading content from websites like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. It also offers some basic video conversion tools that can help you get started with converting videos on your own!
    • You can also use the tool to download private Facebook videos on your smartphone, though it’s a little more fiddly than using regular desktop version.
    • The downloader is a great tool for those who want to quickly and accurately extract video from websites without any pesky ads. It’s also the only private browser based app that offers this service, making it super easy!

    5. PasteDownload

    Available on: Web

    These apps do the same thing. You’ll only need to get this far down a list if something unexpected happens, but it is always good have more tools in your locker right?
    The easier way to download private Facebook videos is by pasting the video’s source code. It offers an easy alternative that doesn’t require any extra work on your part!

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    6. Getfvid

    Available on: Web

    • Getfvid is an app that provides two tools. One for downloading public Facebook videos, and another which allows you to download private ones!
    • The download process is identical. Grab the code, paste it in and enjoy offline video again!
    • Before you decide to share a video that’s downloaded on your phone, there are some things worth considering.

    Download Private Facebook Videos Ethically

    While downloading private Facebook videos may seem like an easy way to get the video you want, it’s important that we take care of personal data and other compromising footage. If someone has made their video private, they probably have a good reason for doing so!
    You should not distribute another person’s private material in a public forum without their permission. Distributing this type of content could even land you trouble with the law, especially if it is an artist or musician and so forth for other creative professionals who have rights to that work which they may be enforcing as well.

    Learn More About Downloading Facebook Videos

    You can download private Facebook videos with ease. Sure, it’s not quite as simple to grab a public clip but we’ll get there!

    It’s easy to go through videos quickly with these tools, but they lack a bulk download feature. You can open the same site in multiple windows and fly through them quickly if you have enough space on your computer or tablet!

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