How to Enable and Use Clipboard History on Windows 10

    How to Enable and Use Clipboard History on Windows 10



    Windows 10 takes a copy and paste to a whole new level with its feature called Clipboard history. This lets you see all the items that have been copied onto your clipboard recently, just press Windows+V!

    How To Turn On And View Your Clipboards History In Window10.

    What Gets Stored in Clipboard History?

    Windows 10’s October 2018 Update (version 1809) introduced a new feature called Clipboard history. This allows you to save any text, HTML, or images that are less than 4 MB in size onto your device for future access using the copy and paste function of Windows file manager software!

    The Clipboard can store up to 25 items, with the oldest history item disappearing as new ones are added. You must also pin any item that you want to be retained when shutting down your computer or device in order for it not to be cleared from its place on this list- which will reset after every restart!

    How to Enable Clipboard History in Windows 10

    Click the ‘Start’ button and select “gear” from the left side of the menu to open settings. Click Windows+I for quick access!

    In Windows Settings, click on “System.”

    On the Settings sidebar, click on “Clipboard.” In Clipboard settings, locate the section called “Clipboard history” and toggle the switch to “On.”


    Clipboard history is now turned on. You can now close Settings and use the feature in any application.

    How to View Clipboard History in Windows 10

    When you enable Clipboard history, pressing Windows+V will show a list of items that have been copied recently in any application.


    A small window opened with the most recent items you’ve copied listed at its top.


    You can click on any item in the Clipboard history list to paste it into an open application.


    To remove items from Clipboard history, click on the ellipses (three dots) beside the item you’d like to delete. Select “Delete” from the small menu that pops up.

    If you’d like to remove all the items from Clipboard history, click “Clear All” In the ellipses menu.

    You can also pin an item on the Clipboard history list so it will stay there even if you reboot your computer or click “Clear All.” To do this, select three dots and then choose ‘Pin.’ You’ll be able to unpin anything from any of those items later by selecting Un-pin from its ellipsis menu.

    The Clipboard history interface looks slightly different on older versions of Windows. Here are instructions for those running a build from1909 or later!

    The Windows+V keyboard shortcut will open a small floating window either near the application you are using or if all windows are closed and minimized in your screen’s lower-right corner.


    The Clipboard history window is like your own personal Google Drive. Clicking on any item in the list will paste it into an open application or document with ease!

    Clicking the “X” beside an item will remove it from Clipboard history. Click “Clear All” in order to delete all items on your list at once!

    When you want an item saved for later use, pin it to the Clipboard so that way even if your computer crashes or there is a power outage – everything will remain on board!

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    How to Disable Clipboard History in Windows 10

    To turn off Clipboard history in Windows 10, navigate to Settings > System > Clipboard. Locate the option titled “Clipboard history” and toggle the switch to “Off.”


    Once disabled, if you press Windows+V, you will see a small window alerting you that Windows 10 cannot show your clipboard history because the feature is turned off.

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