How to Enable “Super Duper Secure Mode” in Microsoft Edge

    How to Enable “Super Duper Secure Mode” in Microsoft Edge


    Microsoft’s Edge browser is a good enough web browser, despite the company’s tactics to push it. One feature that sets edge apart from google chrome and others on your computer or mobile device? “Super Duper Secure Mode.” Learn what this means for you if want to keep browsing without worrying about hackers stealing all of those important sites like Facebook & Twitter! We’ll explain what this is and how you can use it.

    What Is Super Duper Secure Mode?

    The feature flag “Super Duper Secure Mode,” which is currently in testing and maybe renamed to something else later on down the road – seems like an internal codename that Microsoft engineers still use so we’ll refer to it as such from here out!

    Microsoft’s security team discovered that the V8 JavaScript engine is responsible for many vulnerabilities. To help speed up web page loads, it uses JIT (Just-In-Time Compilation) which opens up some exploits in your browser–though not as often or easily as other engines out there!

    Microsoft’s JIT or just-in-time mechanism for converting assets on page load can be disabled if you wish. However, Microsoft says that turning it off doesn’t always have negative effects on performance and even enables Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (CET), an Intel hardware-based exploit prevention tool that further locks down browsers with more protection against threats than ever before!

    How to Enable Super Duper Secure Mode

    The first step to turn on Super Secure Mode is very simple. Open Microsoft Edge in Windows, Mac, or Linux and click the three-dot menu icon at the bottom right corner of your screen then select “Settings.”

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    Now go to the “Privacy, Search, and Services” section of the Settings page.


    Scroll down to “Enhance your security on the web” and toggle the switch on. In older versions of Edge, the section is titled “Enable security mitigations for a more secure browsing experience.”


    There are two modes you can choose from, “Balanced” and Strict.” ‘balanced’ will only affect websites that don’t get visited often while still being effective in catching any performance hit on your frequently used sites; however, the latter option applies to all webpages which mean there could be some slowdowns oriness whenever it is applied – especially if they’re not noticeable enough yet!


    Lastly, you can click “Exceptions” and add any websites that you don’t want SuperDuper Secure Mode to interfere with.

    That’s all there is to it. As mentioned, Microsoft is still working on this new feature it is a great way to make your web browsing experience just that little bit more secure. It’s simple, and it could change over time but for now, this sounds like an excellent option!


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