How to Insert a Vertical Line in Microsoft Word: 5 Methods

    How to Insert a Vertical Line in Microsoft Word: 5 Methods


    When you want to enhance the appearance or improve the readability of your document, A-line is an important thing to add to your text, Inserting horizontal lines in Microsoft Word might be intuitive, but not so much when we’re talking about vertical lines!

    A reader will understand what you’re trying to say much more easily if they see these vertical bars between each sentence or paragraph!

    There are many ways to insert a vertical line in your Word document. The placement of the line may determine which option you use, so let’s take a look at some examples and see which one works best for what kind of situation.

    Method 1: Insert a Page Border

    One way to give your pages an extra touch of style is by adding in some vertical lines by using the page border feature. This is helpful when you want your line to stretch across the page and not just past margins. You can customize it for an attractive appearance or keep things simple with this option!

    Go to the Home tab, click the Borders drop-down arrow, and select “Borders and Shading.”


    In the Page Border tab of this window, use your mouse to add vertical lines on either side. You can also choose whether it goes throughout a whole document or just one section by using Apply To drop-down box at the bottom right corner – select what you want!


    To customize the line, use the Style, Color, Width, and Art settings in the center of the window. When you finish, click “OK.”

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    And then you have the final product!

    Method 2: Insert a Paragraph Border

    Maybe you only want to apply a vertical line to part of the page like a paragraph. Use the border tool to create a thin line of text that stands out from other content on your page. You can use it for either just one side or both sides, and you’ll be able to set its height so as not to disrupt any surrounding paragraphs with negative space below them!

    To insert a new line next to an existing paragraph, select the entire passage. If you want just one single word on that same line but with no additional text after it for now though – place your cursor where you would like this extra bit of information added at first before clicking “insert.”

    Open the Home tab and click the Borders drop-down arrow. In the top section, you can select Left Border or Right Border. To add them both, select one and then the other.BordersLeftRight01

    To customize the vertical lines, first, choose “Borders and Shading” in the Borders drop-down list. Then use the Borders tab and center section to select the Style, Color, and Width settings you want to apply. Confirm that “Paragraph” is selected in the Apply To drop-down box on the bottom right of the window. Lastly, Click “OK” to apply the changes.


    Then, you will see your nice and neat paragraph border.


    Method 3: Insert a Bar Tab

    The Tabs feature allows you to add a vertical line in various paragraph locations rather than just left or right.

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    Go to the Home tab, click the Line and Paragraph Spacing drop-down arrow, and select “Line Spacing Options.”


    When the window appears, on the Indents and Spacing tab, click “Tabs” on the bottom left


    Under Alignment, choose “Bar.”

    The tab stop positions can be chosen in the window with a click of your mouse or by using ruler markings. Click “OK” to close it and then use whichever method you prefer for setting up your tabs!

    Method 4: Insert a Line Shape

    Inserting a vertical line is easy with the shape feature. You can make it as long or short, move it anywhere you want on your page, and customize its appearance to match any design style!

    Open the Insert tab, click the Shapes drop-down arrow, and select the Line in the Lines section.


    To draw the line at your desired length, simply place the cursor anywhere on it and then use a mouse or finger to drag. You can also resize this element by using either one of these methods!

    The line can be customized by selecting it and going to the Shape Format tab. There are options in this ribbon that allow you to change style, color, or add an effect if desired!

    Method 5: Insert a Line Between Columns

    If you have your document arranged in columns, you can insert a vertical line between those columns.

    Place your cursor within a column and go to the Layout tab. Click the Columns drop-down arrow and select “More Columns.”


    In the window that appears, check the box for Line Between. Click “OK” to apply the vertical line and close the window.

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    You then have a clean line right between your columns.


    Whichever method you use to Insert a vertical line in Microsoft Word is easy and it can help to improve your document’s appearance or readability.


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