How to Use the Navigation Pane in Microsoft Excel

    How to Use the Navigation Pane in Microsoft Excel


    The navigation pane in Microsoft Excel is a handy tool that can help you find the content and properties of your workbook easier, as well as update basic settings. Let’s take a look at how it works!

    What Is the Navigation Pane?

    The Microsoft Excel Navigation pane offers a way to quickly move between different modes and find exactly what you need. It also provides an easy search function so users can easily navigate their workbooks without getting lost on tons of sheets!

    Note: The new navigation pane is only available to Office Insiders at the moment and will be gradually rolling out to all Microsoft Excel users.

    Show the Navigation Pane in Excel

    To open the Navigation pane, click on the View tab and then click “Navigation” in the Show section. The Navigation Pane will appear on the right side of your Excel window!


    Use the Navigation Pane in Excel

    The Navigation Pane is a key part of the Excel experience. The pane allows you to move around your workbook, make some basic adjustments for items and sheets in it as well find whatever item or section that suits your needs at any given moment! Let’s take look underwhelming each one with steps on how they operate so we have an idea of what will happen when using them ourselves later down this guide


    When you first open the navigation pane, all of your sheets are listed in order. Simply click a sheet name to move directly over it and If you select a sheet tab on that particular page then it will be bolded as well!

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    Click on any item in the list and you’ll be able to see what it contains. You can also expand every sheet by clicking its arrow, which is located at each end of this window!
    If there are areas of your document that interest or concern you more than others then click “expand This Sheet” when looking at them for instance with either mouse cursor keys if using a laptop computer system.



    To rename, delete or hide a sheet from the Navigation pane simply right-click its name. This is easy because you can also do it with one simple mouse click!

    You can also adjust certain types of items on a sheet in the Navigation pane. For example, you could rename your table or delete one! To do this just expand them from here with left-click then right-click for what you want to happen when it’s done editing.



    The Search box at the top of your Navigation pane is a quick way to find what you need in any workbook. You can type “Table” or even just start typing and see where all tables are located, plus it’ll also show images that have been inserted into each one!


    When you finish using the Search box, click on “X” to close it and return back to your list.

    Handy Uses for the Navigation Pane

    Navigating in Excel is so easy with the new navigation pane! You can easily move between your spreadsheets and eliminate using scroll arrows or dots on the bottom of the window. There are even some other convenient ways to use it, like opening recently closed files as well as quickly restoring previously saved ones without leaving this program entirely (which could save time later).
    Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right chart in your workbook! Luckily, Excel has some great search features that will help you quickly and easily locate any missing or undesirable charts. For example, if we type “Chart” into our spreadsheet’s Search box then each one of these titles pops up along with its corresponding location on the page…

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    Have you ever inserted checkboxes into your workbook but didn’t name them for backend references? You can find out which ones are unreferenced by typing “Check Box” in the Search field and seeing them all listed. Then, just right-click on one to rename it directly from within Excel’s navigation pane without opening up its containing sheet!


    The Navigation pane in Microsoft Excel for Windows is a great way to quickly find what you’re looking for. You can also use it as an easy-to-move-around, quick access list of all your items!

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