Laptops are the most popular personal computing device, and each year they continue to get lighter. They come with more powerful hardware that can do anything from work on your computer all day long while you’re traveling or even playing games at night! The market is very competitive – there are lots of brands out here trying their best just so users will choose them over others

    – but luckily we’ve compiled this list for people who need help choosing which laptop might be right up their alley…

    The laptop industry is a competitive space, but these days you can’t go wrong with any of the top brands. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite picks and explain why they make such great choices for your next purchase!

    #1 Best Laptop Brand: Dell


    Design 8/10
    Support and Warranty 9/10
    Specs 9/10
    Value for Money 9/10
    Total 8.75




    • Ultraportable and light laptops

    • Cutting-edge designs

    • Good battery life

    • 30-day return policy

    • Screen to display ratio is excellent

    • Designs are too simple for some people

    • Models are rarely discounted

    If you need a laptop that will last for years, then Dell is your best bet. This brand makes simple laptops with long lifespans—but they’re not performance disappointments!

    Dell laptops are the perfect choice for any professional who needs a portable, lightweight computer that can do it all. They have plenty of hardware options including dedicated graphics cards and CPUs which make them great at editing videos or playing games on your downloadable content service of choice.

    The Dell Inspiron range is perfect for those who are looking to buy their first laptop or need something more than what the average person owns. With decent specs at an affordable price point, this series will suit anyone’s needs!

    The XPS series is designed for those who want a mix of luxury and high-end features in their computers. The Alienware range, on the other hand, was built with gaming enthusiasts in mind

    The Texas-based computer giant, Dell offers a vast collection of different laptops. The company’s premium range has OLED screens to give you the best quality experience possible!


    The Dell XPS 13 is a beautifully designed laptop with an incredible price tag. It’s not the most expensive or powerful, but it still manages to capture some of your attention when you see its sleek exterior in person

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    The 2021 version of the XPS comes with an OLED screen that makes it one-of-a-kind in terms of portability and sleekness. The super-thin bezels give this laptop a lightweight feel, making for a great user experience

    The XPS has 16GB of RAM and an Intel Core i7-1185G7 processor. With these specs, this laptop can play games at medium settings with no problem!

    This laptop has some minor downsides, such as its battery life which lags behind that of a MacBook Pro 13. However, these issues are common in lightweight laptops and can be solved by purchasing an adaptor if needed!

    The Dell XPS is a high-end laptop that delivers on performance and battery life. It’s perfect for gamers, professionals alike!

    #2 Best Laptop Brand: Apple


    There’s no doubt about it, Apple makes the best luxury laptops around. The build quality and design of its MacBook range are unmatched in terms for performance power or display quality!

    Design 9/10
    Support and Warranty 10/10
    Specs 8/10
    Value for Money 6/10
    Total 8.25




    • Beautiful design

    • Superb processing power

    • Baseline models have excellent specs

    • Great speakers

    • Excellent customer support

    • Option to run Windows via dual-boot

    • Expensive

    • Can’t upgrade RAM

    • Poor for gaming

    • Great speakers

    • Excellent customer support

    • Option to run Windows via dual-boot

    The sleek and durable design of Apple’s laptops is a perfect fit for those who rely on their devices to get work done. These high-quality machines will last you as long or longer than any other brand out there!

    The macOS operating system is more stable and easier to use than Windows. That’s why many laptop computers come with a clean install every 12-18 months for peak performance, but MacBook users don’t have this problem

    The Apple laptop industry has been growing in recent years, but it’s not without its shortcomings. Though MacBooks can now run some resource-intensive games with ease and there are more titles available than ever before for this platform; gamers will still find themselves restricted by the low power ceiling of their machine which was designed more as an everyday workhorse rather than one primarily focused on performance-driven gaming

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    A MacBook is a great option for those who edit videos or produce music. It’s also an excellent choice in the business world, but not so much if you want to game on it!

    The performance, specs, and durability justify the premium price for most users — even casual gamers


    The MacBook Pro 13″ is a powerhouse of a machine. It packs 8 powerful cores and can handle anything from gaming to video editing without breaking stride!

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    This MacBook Pro M1 is the perfect choice for any professional or enthusiast looking to edit videos on a laptop. Not only does it have an excellent Retina Display, but you’ll be able to watch your own work in crisp high definition thanks 16 hours of battery life!

    The MacBook Pro 13″ M1 is a power-packed machine that will last you many years. This Mac has the price tag, but it’s worth every penny because of its excellence in design and performance!

    #3 Best Laptop Brand: HP

    HP laptops have improved a lot over the last decade. During that time, their laptops have excelled in three categories: design, value, and innovation

    Design 9/10
    Support and Warranty 7/10
    Specs 8/10
    Value for Money 9/10
    Total 8.25




    • Even budget models are well built

    • Good value for money

    • Stylish, classy design

    • Light, sleek, and ultraportable

    • Budget HP laptops are below par

    • Customer support needs improvement

    • Battery life is shorter than their peers

    HP has some of the best computers in their premium and mid-range categories. The Spectre X360 series is a beautifully designed ultra-lightweight 2 in 1 with great features, but it comes at an expensive price point.

    The HP Envy is a great laptop for business and college students. It’s affordable, yet powerful enough to handle light gaming tasks with no problem!

    HP’s newest line of laptops is perfect for the gamer on the go. With 10th Generation Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GeForce video cards, these sleek machines will keep you at top gaming performance easily.

    The bulky design and lack of battery life make the laptop less than ideal for those who play games on their computer. However, if you’re looking to get an expensive model that can handle AAA titles such as The Witcher 3 then this might be what you are seeking out!

    The HP support site is a confusing and challenging place to navigate. However, the live service tool may need some work in order for it to be more user-friendly which will then lead to better experiences with your computer!

    HP laptops are great if you want to purchase a premium or mid-range model. However, their budget range leaves something to be desired and could use some work

    BEST HP LAPTOP: HP ENVY 13 (2021)

    The HP Envy 13 is our pick because it’s excellent value for money. With a wonderful display and performance at under $1000, this lightweight laptop with long battery life also offers durability thanks to its all-aluminum casing!

    The HP Envy 13 (2021) is a great laptop for college students and workaholics who need something lightweight that can do it all. It’s not recommended if you’re into gaming, but Netflix lovers will love this machine!

    #4 Best Laptop Brand: Lenovo


    Lenovo is a name that’s known all over the world. They make some of today’s most versatile and high-end laptops, which means you can use them for gaming or business on any level!

    Design 7/10
    Support and Warranty 8/10
    Specs 8/10
    Value for Money 9/10
    Total 8.0




    • Great choice of different laptops

    • Competitive prices at every level

    • Great customer service

    • Durable hardware on even entry-level laptopsNew List Item

    • Uninspired design

    • Graphics cards are poor on entry-level and mid-range laptops

    Lenovo has a wide variety of laptops that range from entry-level up to premium machines. The Chinese brand consistently finishes near the top in yearly laptop reviews, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone who needs their computer!

    The Lenovo Y740 is the brand’s best option for gamers, but it’s more expensive than the equivalent HP and Dell models. The durable construction makes this laptop popular among business users who need a dependable machine in their busy workday lives


    LENOVO-THINKPAD-X1-CARBON-8TH-GENThe Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is a thin and light laptop with an excellent screen, but the graphics card leaves something to be desired. It’s perfect for work or college because of its sturdy design coupled by good battery life!

    #5 Best Laptop Brand: Acer



    Acer is a company that has been around since 1966. They started out making notebooks, but now their lineup includes everything from servers and workstations to gaming laptops!

    Design 8/10
    Support and Warranty 6/10
    Specs 8/10
    Value for Money 9/10
    Total 7.75




    • Premium laptops are capable of high-end gaming

    • Innovative design

    • Wide product range

    • Consistently provide good value for money

    • Build quality isn’t as good as its rival

    • Customer support is poor

    Acer has an excellent range of products, from budget laptops to premium ones. Their Chromebooks are some of the best in their price ranges and provide great value for money!

    If you’re looking for a laptop that can handle games with ease, look no further than Acer’s latest Predator series. These powerful computers come equipped i7 processors and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards to give gamers everything they need in their toolkit!

    Laptop reviews have ranked them alongside high-end HP and Dell gaming machines of similar price.


    The Acer Swift 3 is the perfect laptop for gamers on a budget. The AMD Ryzen processor makes this one fast computer that doesn’t leave you out in terms of raw power, even when playing games at 1080p!

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    The new ultrabook is an excellent choice for those who want the best of both worlds – power and portability in their laptop. It has been getting rave reviews from experts, outperforming even high-end laptops like Macbook Pros by a large margin!

    The Acer Swift has all the features you need in a lightweight, portable computer. It’s perfect for business or college and it can even handle some light gaming!

    #6 Best Laptop Brand: ASUS


    The ASUS Rog series is an excellent addition to the gaming market, and it’s no surprise that they’ve been able to recently to enter into budget laptops with success.

    Design 7/10
    Support and Warranty 7/10
    Specs 7/10
    Value for Money 9/10
    Total 7.5




    • Affordable

    • Excellent range of powerful gaming laptops

    • Free accident protection plans with some devices

    • Wide range of laptops for every budget

    • Entry-level models have an excellent build quality

    • Laptops are typically heavy

    • Battery life is subpar in may models

    ASUS is committed to providing the best possible customer experience. They manufacture their own motherboards, so they can offer affordable prices and high-quality products at all levels of proficiency while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design with every product release

    A wide variety means there’s something for everyone no matter what your budget or needs maybe!

    Asus laptops are a great investment for any customer looking to get their work done. The mid-range models have incredible specs and prices, so there’s something perfect no matter what your budget may be!

    ASUS is well known for producing some of the best budget laptops, but their mid-range and high-tier machines are powerful too.


    The ASUS ROG Zephyrus series is a one-two punch of power that will have you ready for any game. The AMD Ryzen processor and Nvidia RTX 3000 graphics card work together to give gamers the ability play even newest titles with high detail settings at max resolution, without hiccups or lag time!

    With its sleek design and long battery life, the Zephyrus G15 laptop is an excellent choice for those who need to work on-the go. expensive though it may be at first glance but when compared with other laptops in similar specifications this machine delivers value!

    #7 Best Laptop Brand: MSI


    MSI is a world-renowned brand for its high quality gaming laptops. They have been successfully competing in the esports industry and will continue to do so as more people grow interested about video games, particularly those played competitively on an international level.


    Design 9/10
    Support and Warranty 6/10
    Specs 9/10
    Value for Money 6/10
    Total 7.5



    • Superb gaming laptops

    • Free accidental damage protection

    • Innovative design

    • Excellent build quality

    • Lacks the variety of other brands

    • Customer support is weak

    MSI is a well-known brand in the gaming world. They make high end laptops that are perfect for gamers looking to get their fix on top of an excellent processing power and build quality! But, when it comes down towards lower priced models you might find yourself disappointed with what MSI has offer–the Alpha 15 being one such example as its battery life lag far behind competitors while also having less responsive CPUs than others which can make gameplaying difficult during intense moments where quick decisions need be made

    MSI has been making some promising progress in lower-priced laptops over the last few years, but they seem to be neglecting this market. For home and business users who need a more serious computer for work or gaming purposes, an MSI laptop is not going offer what you’re looking for–their higher end models are better suited towards those needs (though still far from perfect). gamers will likely find that these machines meet all of their requirements quite nicely however!



    MSI’s GS66 Stealth laptop is a power-packed machine. With the Intel i710850H processor and NVidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card, this lightweight but durable notebook can play games at high settings without breaking much of sweat! Plus with an M2 SSD for quick boot times as well as long lasting battery life – you’ll never be without charge when gaming away on your travels or working hard in meetings all day long

    One thing that sets MSI laptops apart from others? Their sleek design means more than just stability: it ensures easy transportability too which makes those big screens easy to take anywhere

    With a championship level processor and graphics card, this laptop is perfect for gamers. TheGS66 has all the raw power you could want in an affordable package.

    #8 Best Laptop Brand: Microsoft



    Microsoft has been making household names for decades with their Windows operating system, but they also make impressive laptops like the Surface Go. Microsoft builds high-quality aluminum and magnesium into all of its products to ensure top performance every time you use one of these sleek machines!

    Design 7/10
    Support and Warranty 8/10
    Specs 7/10
    Value for Money 7/10
    Total 7.25




    • Excellent build quality with premium materials

    • Flexible 2-in-1 laptops

    • Good connectivity

    • Excellent hardware

    • Very reliable

    • Superb battery life

    • 90-day technical support

    • Limited selection

    • Expensive

    Microsoft has a variety of laptops to suit your needs and budget. The Surface Go 2 is an affordable light-weight laptop, while the other high end options such as Microsoft surface or go 7 provide better performance at higher prices with longer battery life!

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    The hardware inside these laptops is top-notch, and the design is built to last. The customer support team can be reached easily through email or phone calls for help if needed but they’re so reliable that you won’t need it most times!




    The Microsoft Surface Go 2 offers a great value for money and is the most premium of all their devices. It’s light, portable with long battery life that makes it perfect if you’re always on-the go like me!

    The Microsoft Surface Go 2 offers a great combination of price and performance, making it an excellent choice for business tasks. The laptop’s powerful hardware doesn’t match up well against more costly competitors but if you need your device to do simple work like browsing or writing essays then there won’t be any problems!

    #9 Best Laptop Brand: Razer



    It’s hard to find a better laptop than the one from Razer. The company is known for making high-quality gaming computers and they don’t disappoint here either! There isn’t much variety within this range, but each computer still manages be powerful while looking stunning too boot.

    Design 8/10
    Support and Warranty 8/10
    Specs 9/10
    Value for Money 5/10
    Total 7.25




    • Fantastic gaming laptops

    • Great customer support

    • Consistently excellent hardware

    • Premium design

    • Limited choice

    • Expensive

    • No budget option

    In the world of gaming, there is no shortage when it comes to choice. Razer has made their mark by creating beautifully designed laptops that are built with excellent materials and include features such as RGB lighting- all in an effort make your experience better than ever before!

    One of the most versatile companies in today’s market, Razer has been creating products for gamers and creatives alike. With their Studio Edition product they are catering towards professionals with an even higher standard than before!

    For gamers and creatives, Razer is unmissable. For anyone in the market for a productivity or work machine might want to give this brand a miss- there’s no need when you can get your hands on something so much better!



    The sleek, lightweight design of the Razer Blade Pro 17 is perfect for creative professionals and gamers. It has an 8-core Intel 10th Gen H Series CPU that allows you to work with editing software or play games without lag time! Plus it comes equipped NVIDIA Super GPU so your computer will never be slow again – even when connected wirelessly thanks its impressive battery life tool!

    The Razer Blade Pro 17 is the newest laptop to take on Apple’s premium MacBookPro series. With its sleek design and powerful performance, this machine could be a great replacement for your aging pro-level Mac!

    #10 Best Laptop Brand: Samsung


    Though not as popular or well known, Samsung also has a range of laptops. The company’s lack luster style and specs don’t match up with others in this industry but their excellent displays will attract buyers looking for something nice to read on or watch video from YouTube without any hiccups that could ruin your experience!

    Design 7/10
    Support and Warranty 7/10
    Specs 7/10
    Value for Money 7/10
    Total 7.0




    • Lightweight and slim

    • Impressive gaming laptops

    • Good specs

    • Colorful

    • Disappointing battery

    • Limited range

    In recent years, Samsung’s laptops have not been as popular and the company might be putting its focus on smartphones instead.

    Samsung’s new Galaxy Book Flex has been released to much acclaim, but its earlier release of the Chromebook was not so well-received by consumers.

    Samsung’s laptop designs have been improved, with bright colors and high end metals making for modern-looking devices. The company’s patchy customer service is an area that needs improvement however their limited range of laptops means they cannot compete on price like other brands do


    The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex is a sleek and stylish laptop with an excellent 15.6-inch 1080p display. The Samsung laptops are not as appealing to the eye and their battery life leaves something to be desired.

    The 15.6-inch 1080p screen on the Flex makes for a great streaming experience, while its 2 in 1 design ensures that you can use this as either tablet or laptop!

    The Samsung Galaxy Book is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to do more than just read and work, but it may not be the best machine if you’re looking into gaming or video editing.


    Each laptop brand has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some brands are known for excellent hardware and reliable build quality, like Dell, Apple, HP, Samsung, and Microsoft.

    Other brands offer good laptops at reasonable prices like Asus, Acer, and Lenovo. For gamers with large budgets, MSI and Razer make excellent specialist laptops.

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