The Best Mice of 2022 for Gaming and Productivity

    The Best Mice of 2022 for Gaming and Productivity


    What to Look for in a Mouse in 2022

    You might be surprised to find out that the mouse you use every day is a key component in your digital life. Whether it’s for work or play, there are many reasons why upgrading could make things easier and better!

    The type of input device doesn’t matter as much when we’re talking about how they affect us – what really counts here are those little details between one person’s needs vs another individual based on their budget situation…

    The right mouse can make or break your productivity, so it’s important to find one with the features that work best for you. If gaming is more of a priority than working in an office environment then look no further than high polling rates and DPI count since these will help improve performance while also preventing wrist injuries by providing strain-free use! All this information should be considered before making any purchases because nothing feels worse than investing time into getting comfortable only after purchasing something which doesn’t fit properly – plus who wants another gadget sitting around taking up space?

    Wired and wireless mice are both available. For many people, a wireless model will work just fine without noticeable lag or connectivity issues but they do come with one major drawback in that you’ll eventually need to charge up their battery if it runs out which can be frustrating at times! So you might want to opt for a good wired mouse (or for using a wireless mouse wired) instead.

    There is a huge demand for gaming-quality mice, which have features that gamers need in their devices. Many of our picks will be perfect to compliment your productivity and browsing experience as well!

    With all of that said, here are our picks for the best mice in 2022.

    Best Mouse Overall

    Best Budget Mouse

    Best Gaming Mouse

    Best Wireless Mouse

    Best Wired Mouse

    Best Ergonomic Mouse

    Best Mouse for Windows

    Best Mouse for Mac

    Razer Pro Click

    Logitech G203 Wired Lightsync

    Logitech G203 Wired Lightsync Mouse

    Logitech MX Master 3

    Razer Viper Ultralight

    Logitech MX Vertical

    Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

    Apple Magic Mouse 2

    Best Mouse Overall: Razer Pro Click


    • Great for productivity and gaming

    • Long battery life (up to 400 hours)

    • Ergonomic shape reduces muscle strain


    • Requires proprietary cable to charge

    • No RGB, if you are looking for it


    If you need an all-inclusive mouse, look no further than the Razer Click Pro. Razer is well known as a gaming peripheral company, but for the Pro Click, Razer collaborated with Humansense to build it. With its stylish design and powerful performance, it’ll fit right at home in any office or gaming environment while still being good enough for anything else!

    The Pro Click can connect to four devices at once via either a 2.4GHz wireless or USB dongle, and you’ll be able to change between them quickly with its easy-to-use interface! You also get eight programmable buttons that will help your productivity by assigning common actions as macros on each button – perfect for those who work regularly from different computers around the house (and office). An ergonomic design may also assist in muscle strain relief.

    While the Razer Synapse software allows for customization, this isn’t just an office mouse. With a 16K DPI sensor and precision that will satisfy even gamers looking to play their favourite games without worrying about the accuracy or speed-wise issues other than casual gameplay (unless you’re big on RGB lighting), we think most users can enjoy what these pros have cooked up!

    The Razer Pro Click is a great all-rounder mouse that most people will be happy with, but it does require a proprietary cable to charge, you can use the Pro Click wired with the cable too and can also work wirelessly.

    Best Mouse Overall

    Razer Pro Click Humanscale Wireless Mouse

    The Razer Pro Click can be used wired or wirelessly, and the DPI settings ensure you can use it for both gaming and productivity. Add on a sleek look and an ergonomic shape to reduce strain, and you have the best mouse that can do it all.

    Best Budget Mouse: Logitech G203 Wired Lightsync


    • Multiple preformatted DPI settings

    • A variety of colour options

    • MSRP $40, but regularly on sale for less


    • Low on features

    • Cable is non-braided

    The Logitech G203 Wired Lightsync Mouse is a great mouse for under $50, but you can find it on sale more often than not and get the most value out of its high quality even at full cost!

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    This high-quality mouse is perfect for gamers, but you can easily turn off the light RGB touch and make It look gentlemanly in any office. There’s also a button below your scroll wheel that lets five different DPI settings be chosen so finding what works best fits whatever task at hand!

    For those looking for style, the G203 has a great design and offers many colourways that can be fitted into your personal preference. The standard black/white combinations are here but also eye-catching blue or purple options stand out from these basics drastically changing up what’s typical!

    While you can customize DPI a bit and program buttons in the G Hub app, there are only four customizable button options. In addition to being non-braided which means it’s more susceptible to damage as well as getting caught on things like pets who chew through wires!

    For the price, this mouse has great value and can get you through both works as well as play.

    Best Budget Mouse

    Logitech G203 Wired Lightsync Mouse

    The Lightsync is a simple yet gaming quality mouse, providing five adjustable DPI settings, six programmable buttons, and a tasteful RGB touch, all for a very affordable price.

    Best Gaming Mouse: Logitech G502 Lightspeed


    • 25,000 DPI is perfect for gaming

    • Adjustable weights to customize the feel

    • 11 customizable buttons


    • Very expensive compared to the competition

    • Only up to 60 hours battery life

    • Very narrow, might be uncomfortable for big hands

    With its high resolution, lighting system and customizable buttons, the Logitech G502 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse is a great choice for any gamer. With so many features it will be hard not finding an option that meets your needs!

    With a 25,000 DPI sensor and customizable options that allow you to game the way YOU want – there’s no better option for gamers who play first-person shooters (FPSes). The weights can also give your mouse an individual feel so it’s perfect as YOUR personal weapon of choice!

    Instead of relying on Bluetooth, Logitech uses its proprietary Lightspeed technology for connectivity. The 1ms delay means that gamers can play without worrying about input lag and enjoy a seamless gameplay experience with their friends!

    Input delay is significant when gaming, and judging by the almost 5,000 reviews on Amazon, connectivity is never a problem. Gamers would know if there’s lag better than anyone!

    The Logitech G502 is a great mouse for gamers, but it isn’t perfect. For one thing – its price tag can make or break your decision! There are wired versions of this device that will save you some money and solve both short battery life (up to 60 hours) as well.

    If you have large hands, the G502 might be uncomfortable. However, it’s on the narrow side and if need something wider to accommodate your needs then a close runner-up would have been Razer Naga Trinity or Logitech’s own system – both give players 16000 DPI with interchangeable side plates that allow them customization for various multiplayer game genres so they can play games however they want without any wires getting in between! But unfortunately, these mice don’t come wireless which means having an extra cord attached everywhere could get really annoying quickly, the G502 Lightspeed is our top pick.

    Best Mouse for Gaming

    Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Logitech’s G series has been making big strides in gaming accessories, and the G502 is the best of the best for gaming mice. With a 25,000 DPI sensor, weights that you can customize, and the use of the G Hub software, this mouse is worth every penny.

    Best Wireless Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3


    • Side wheels give more functionality

    • Works on most surfaces and devices

    • Charges via USB-C


    • Expensive for a non-gaming mouse

    • Very basic in terms of looks and style

    The Logitech MX Master 3 is a great mouse for those who need an ergonomic design and wireless connection options. With its slim profile, this device will save you from wrist pains when used regularly! The wireless connection by either a 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth makes sure that you get everything done without fear of connection drops. This mouse is also great for different grip styles.

    The MX Master 3 charges via a USB-C cable, which you’re more than likely going to have around the house. There’s no need for proprietary cables with this one!

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    The ergonomic design of the mouse allows for comfortable use, even while wearing gloves. It also includes a side wheel that can be used to scroll quickly and easily without having your hand leave its position on screen- which is especially helpful when working in different applications with varying needs!

    This is a great mouse for work, but not so much if you plan on playing games. The design and functionality are both excellent; it’s just that there are some drawbacks – like the high price tag. Even though this isn’t your average gaming peripheral (nor does its cosmetics match up), we still think users will enjoy owning one because they’re able get past these issues in order use their device effectively while also being aesthetically pleasing!

    Best Wireless Mouse

    Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse

    The uniquely shaped Logitech MX Master has flawless wireless, is easily rechargeable via USB-C, and has customization and comfort for all your day-to-day needs, no matter your OS.

    Best Wired Mouse: Razer Viper Ultralight


    • Works if you're left-handed or right

    • Gaming quality DPI works for whatever you want to do


    • On the small side for those with bigger hands

    If you specifically want a wired mouse, it’s a little harder than you might think to find one. Many mice nowadays pride themselves on their wireless capabilities, and some of our wireless picks, like the Razer Pro Click, can work wired as well as wireless. But that isn’t always the case, and if you have a lot of interference in your home or don’t have to deal with any drops or input lag, you’ll always want a wired option.

    In that case, the Razer Viper Ultralight will make for the best pick. This is the ultimate gaming mouse for all your needs! You can use it at work, play some games and do whatever else you need a good computer to do.

    The Viper is a great mouse for most games, with its built-in 16000 DPI sensor. It’s lightweight and easy to move around your desk!

    This ambidextrous mouse can be used by either left-handed or right-handed people. This is an important feature because many mice design only allow for one type of hand to use them easily, but not both equally well depending on your preferences! The thumb buttons also offer programmable options which means you’ll have more flexibility when gaming with different fingers needs during gameplay sessions.

    If you have bigger or wider hands, the Razer Viper might feel uncomfortable as opposed to something like a Logitech MX Master 3. The size isn’t usually an issue for most people but if it’s just too much then there are other options out on market!

    Best Wired Mouse

    Razer Viper Ultralight Ambidextrous Wired Mouse

    The Razer Viper Ultralight is a wired mouse that doesn’t skimp on the features, giving you an ambidextrous, gaming quality mouse that is easy to customize with Razer’s Synapse software.

    Best Ergonomic Mouse: Logitech MX Vertical


    • Long battery life for a wireless model

    • Connects to up to three devices seamlessly

    • 4,000 DPI sensor lowers hand movement needed


    • Vertical position may take getting used to

    • Only for productivity or browsing

    If you’re looking for the most ergonomic mouse, this one is it. The Logitech MX Vertical gives your wrist and forearm relief while working by having a vertical design that allows them to move up towards rather than being pushed down onto surfaces like other mice can be prone do otherwise cause discomfort in some people’s wrists over time due to their position on the tabletop or desk surface.

    This ergonomic mouse is the only one on our list to put your arm in a handshake position, which reduces strain by limiting the active use of muscles. The vertical orientation also helps prevent tendonitis or painful strains!

    The Logitech MX Vertical is a productivity mouse that does its ergonomics best with the 4,000 DPI sensor. This is higher than the traditional 1000 DPI on offer from competitors but it allows you to use less wrist as seen by reduced strain over time – especially if used wirelessly! It also charges via USB-C so there’s no chance of wires catching or going missing in action either which makes this one easy enough for even beginners who want better accuracy at work without having any technical know-how required.

    Vertical mice can be a bit more difficult to get used to, but the Logitech MX Vertical is by no means an arcade game. If you want something ergonomic with traditional designs check out Microsoft Sculpt or Razer Viper Ultralight for gaming use-cases that will still provide comfort in your hand while playing games on PC!

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    Best Ergonomic Mouse

    Logitech MX Vertical

    What will work best as an ergonomic mouse will depend on your needs, but the Logitech MX Vertical will do the best if you’re looking for a handshake-position wireless mouse that doesn’t have trouble keeping up with you throughout the workday.

    Best Mouse for Windows: Microsoft Sculpt Mouse


    • Can be used on virtually any surface

    • Convenient Windows button on the mouse


    • Shape may take getting used to

    • Light on other features

    Want something that’s uniquely Windows? Then the Microsoft Sculpt mouse is just what you need. This specialized, dual-mouse design was built for ergonomics and comfort in mind from day one – it has been tuned by experts who know how important these details are when designing software like ours!

    This ergonomic mouse is the perfect solution for those who have been experiencing discomfort while working, and it will place your wrist in a comfortable position as you work. The thumb rest ensures that we don’t twist our hands into an unpleasant angle!

    The Windows button on the Sculpt’s keyboard is a handy feature, allowing you to open upstart without having navigated through menus. You’ll save both time and muscle movement!

    The Microsoft Sculpt is a mouse with the ability to work on virtually any surface. This means that you don’t need an expensive pad, saving money in your budget!

    This mouse has some unique features that are only found on Windows mice. If you want these, then it may be a good idea to get the Microsoft Sculpt instead of another standard shaped gaming device like those listed below! It also comes with its own set of qualities which make this one stand out from others in terms of design and comfortability when used long hours at work/school etc. However, there’s no perfect choice so try them all out before deciding what works best for YOUR hands…

    The shape can take some getting used but perhaps another popular option would have been razer viper ultralight.

    Best Mouse for Windows

    Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

    This uniquely shaped mouse is not only ergonomic but is specifically designed for Windows with Microsoft wireless transceiver hardware and a Windows button right on the mouse.

    Best Mouse for Mac: Apple Magic Mouse 2


    • Multi-Touch allows you to use gestures with the mouse

    • Has a look that will match your Apple products

    • Easy to take on-the-go


    • Not very ergonomic

    • Only charges via Lightning cable

    • Cannot charge and use at the same time

    The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is the perfect addition to your computer if you are interested in their ecosystem. It will give users an authentic experience with macOS, but it’s only for people who want this level of immersion and customization!

    The Magic Mouse 2 is a device that screams Apple with its design and price tag to match. It more than just looks though-it has built-in Multi-Touch, which allows you to use simple gestures from the mouse itself!

    This mouse is the best way to finally stop using your MacBook’s trackpad. If you still want a Magic Trackpad, I won’t hold it against you—gestures are too great!

    While the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is far from being ergonomic, giving up wrist health for its great look and lack of convenience. It’s not easy to use with different mouse grip styles that will take time getting used-to if you are looking into purchasing one anyway so this shouldn’t factor much when making your decision!

    The mouse charges only by using Lightning cables, which you probably have around if you’re an Apple fan. But the port to charge it is on its bottom so that makes two things not work at once what’s up with this design choice?

    If you’re looking for a more traditional mouse, most of our picks here will work just fine with your device. A few other options like the Razer Pro Click could require small-work around but they also function perfectly well as mice!

    Best Mouse for Mac

    Apple Magic Mouse 2

    With built-in Multi-Touch allowing you to perform basic swipe gestures right on the mouse, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a unique mouse built with Mac users in mind.

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